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12 Basketball Workout Plans for at Home and Gym

12 Basketball Workout Plans for at Home and Gym Ballhandling & Dribbling Workouts for at Home or the Gym. Here are a few ballhandling and footwork workouts that you can... Shooting Workouts. Here are a few shooting workouts. You’ll obviously need a hoop to shoot at for these workouts. The... ...

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Solo Basketball Workouts at Home Lateral Lunge. When you’re playing defense, you need to be able to move side to side in a split second. Strengthen the... Glute Bridge. Strong glutes will help you jump higher to block shots and grab rebounds. Build strength with glute... Jump Rope. If you want fast ...

Train Your Upper Body With an At-Home Basketball Workout

Place hands on chair behind you about shoulder-width apart Lower butt toward ground by bending elbows Adjust legs for more or less resistance Push up to starting position by straightening arms Lower to ground and repeat for specified reps

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Lie face down on the floor with your arms stretched out in front of you, holding onto the basketball. Slowly raise your arms and legs up as high as possible, engaging your back muscles. Hold this position for a moment before lowering your arms and legs back down to the floor. BALL PASS PUSH-UPS.

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Basketball Workout Plan Monday – Chest/Triceps. Bench Press – 3×10; Incline Dumbbell Press – 2×10; Tricep Dips – 2×12; Tricep Pushdowns – 2×10; Burpee Push-Ups – 2×10; Tuesday ...

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USA Basketball - 45-Minute Basketball Workout

XI. Around the Waist/Three minutes -- Take ball around waist in one direction for 30 seconds (50-plus is good) Change directions next time three sets of 30 seconds on/off. XII. Summary. A. 45-Minute Workout...three days a week. B. Be creative: develop confidence, coordination, strength, timing, and stamina.