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Leg Stump Guard. Batsmen that take their guard on leg stump are often players that primarily try to score through the off-side. The leg stump guard means that more of the deliveries they receive will arrive on the off-side of their body, and as a result they can play their shots in those areas a lot more freely.

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Taking guard is one of the most important aspects of batting, especially before a batsman begins his innings since it gives him a sense of body and head position at the crease which is crucial to judge the line of the incoming delivery which, in turn, is essential to decide the balls to be played at or left alone.

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Taking Guard in Cricket Which Batting Guard Should You Take? The guard dictates your positioning in the crease as the ball is delivered. Your right eye (or left if left-handed) should be above and in line with off stump. This will help to judge the path of the ball with a view to hitting it in the middle of the bat rather than edging it to the slips.

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A batsman takes guard from the umpire to know where he is standing on the crease in relation to the stumps. The bat may be placed on the crease either with the face in front or the edges in front....

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Batting Stance : Taking Guard . Before you commence your innings, it is necessary to mark the position where you will take your position to face the bowler, either with your shoe spikes or your bat. Shivnarine Chandrapaul has even made it fashionable to use a bail to do so. In cricket parlance, this is called ‘ taking guard ‘. To many batsmen who do not know why a guard is taken, this is a ritual followed by their favourite batsman!

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In this video I will tell about why batsmen take their guard and how you can take your perfect guard according to your batting style.follow me on Instagram :...

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A batsman guard is taken from the umpire to know the batter's position in relation to the stumps on the pitch which helps in visualizing the stumps which further facilitates judgement of the line of the delivery.

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Why Do Batsman Mark The Crease Behind The Stumps | Why Batsman Taking Guard in Cricket | Sangharsh Hello to everyone.....I'm Sangharsh Bishwakarma. Welcome ...

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